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This year while visiting St.Petersburg, Russia you have a unique opportunity to become acquainted closely with the great russian theatre!

Theatres in Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg is considered to be the cultural capital of Russia, and such an integral part of the culture as the theater here has a special development, its history, diversity. When visiting St. Petersburg tourists always pay attention to its theaters, because it was Petersburg that marked the beginning of its history in Russia.

The first permanent professional public theatre in Russia, the "Russian Theatre for the Performance of Tragedies and Comedies" (modern Alexandrinsky Theater) was established in St. Petersburg on August 30, 1756 by order of Empress Elizabeth. Its building designed by K. Rossi is considered a precious monument of world architecture. In the repertoire of the theater since its foundation the main preference has been given to Russian classical drama.

In 1785 the Hermitage Theatre was opened in the Hermitage palace complex. This is the oldest theatre building in St. Petersburg that has been preserved in its original form.

The first and most important theater of the Russian opera and ballet is the Mariinsky Theater.

Bolshoy Drama Theater named after Tovstonogov is the most popular among the theaters founded during the times of Soviet Russia. It is one of the giants of modern theatrical art. State Academic Chapel (the oldest musical institution, whose history dates back to the 15th century) is also the place of the great interest.

Today there are more than 100 theaters in St. Petersburg. Each year about 80 theatrical and music festivals, a large number of arts festivals, exhibitions and premieres, as well as the most famous productions of opera, ballet and performances of foreign and Russian classics, contemporary authors are held in the city.

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